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Little ways to treat yourself that don't cost the earth

Updated: May 23, 2021

Little treats make the world go round, I'm sure of it. While there are a million things I don't like about lockdown, doorstep treats and deliveries just for the sake of gifting are one thing I'd like to keep.

A small box of handmade profiteroles appeared on my doorstep a few days ago and it made my day.

It's become the norm to text around my immediate friends and family whenever someone heads to the supermarket and it's become a nice tradition to pop a bunch of flowers or a bottle of bubbly in with the milk, just to perk up an otherwise gloomy winter of isolation.

One of my client's main income streams is through gifting. While there are all the usual peaks like Christmas, Mother's Day and birthdays, we've seen a huge trend in gifting just for the sake of being nice 😍

While it's worth bearing in mind, there are lots of people who aren't financially in a place to afford the basics, let alone the treats right now, maybe that's reason more for those who can to spread a little joy. It doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Though it does help if you're good at baking...

But today I'm thinking more about treating yourself.

You deserve it!

However... When I treat myself, well. I tend to make my wallet hurt.

So here are 11 self-care treats that don't cost the earth, but do make the earth feel like a better place.

Do a Facemask

Woman wearing silver facemask

For someone who considers putting their face under the shower an effective "skincare regime", (I know, I know) and has never successfully finished a bottle of any kind of beauty product, I do love a facemask.

For me, it's the fact that it's a really decadent "me" thing to do, yet there's no signing up for a routine. I'll just do it again when I fancy it.

Have a bath or a shower, exfoliate, stick on your comfies and get one of those bad boys on your face. I nearly always remember to moisturise afterwards too.

Go for a walk

Now, I really hate going for a walk. Unless there's a place I'm walking to, I've never really seen the point. Even then, why not drive?

However, I have to concede that once I'm actually doing the walking and after the walking is done, it makes me feel a million percent better. Man, I hate it when other people are right.

Now, when I feel a bit down, even if it's raining, I try and head out for half an hour or so and my gosh does it help.

It doesn't hurt that it looks like this where I live either, to be honest...

Grebe Beach in Cornwall

Have a glass (or three) of wine

As long as you're not routinely sinking a bottle of wine to yourself, there's no harm in treating yourself to a glass or several of your favourite tipple.

I'm partial to a glass of red with dinner, especially in the colder months. And I'm not ashamed to say I drink hot toddies, even when I'm not sick.


There is no quicker way to escape than to dive into a book.

Reading is the ultimate escape from reality. You can travel in an instant. Hell, you can time travel in an instant.

Grab yourself a book, or a magazine if that's more your jam. Or grab your laptop and read Buzzfeed articles if that's what you want to do. It's "you" time after all.

Woman reading on striped bedsheets

Have a little film binge

If reading's not your thing, or it's not your thing today, how about a movie binge?

A guilt-free, this is what I'm doing, not getting up for anything but the bathroom (and maybe the aforementioned wine), binge.

I realised how many times I'd rented the same films off of Amazon the other day and have just started buying them. Netflix, iPlayer, 4OD or the good old DVD there are so many options to get shamelessly get stuck in for a few hours screen time.

Get yourself a fancy cup of coffee

Woman and man drinking a flat white and a cappuccino in a cafe in San Fransisco

If you've spent any time reading this blog, you'll know I'm a big fan of coffee.

Any coffee. But it feels SO much more decadent when it's made by a barista. There's something about latte art that'll never not cheer me up.

I know, I know, I'll never get a mortgage if I keep buying fancy coffee, but we are talking treats here 😉

Get in water

Get in the bath. Get in the sea. Get in the shower.

Get the washing up bowl and fill it with warm water and stick your feet in there!

I don't think it matters. There is something a little bit magic about getting in or near water. It soothes the soul.

Turn yourself upside down

Heather Topf doing a handstand

I've always been a little bit obsessed with handstands. Which is lucky, because I'm not very good at consistently doing any other type of exercise!

There's a childlike joy about trying to do handstands and cartwheels and it's catching.

If you try in the park or on the beach, I can almost guarantee someone else will give it a go too.

I know this post is about treating yourself, but smiling is contagious. Pass it on.

Call it a day

Obviously, make sure there's nothing urgent that needs doing.

Make sure there's not a wayward child left at the school gates, or you're not missing an important deadline. Make sure the house isn't going to set on fire or the baths not about to overflow.

But if you feel like you need it, take a look at your to-do list. Is there really anything on there that can't wait until tomorrow? If there is, get it done as quick as you can. If there's not, write a new line, "take some me time", draw a little box next to it and stick a massive tick in the box ✔️

And don't feel bad about it. You're not procrastinating if the thing you've actively decided to do it chill out. It's your duty to do it and do it properly.

Cook something

I think there's something very relaxing about cooking, personally.

Music on, the perfect dish in my mind and a few hours to unwind. Extra bonus if you can cook something (like those profiteroles) that you can share with someone else.

Unless you don't want to. Eat them all. No one'll ever know.

Eat something delicious

Maybe cooking isn't your thing. Maybe it's just not your thing today.

That's okay. Doesn't mean you can't eat something delicious.

Support a local business, order in! Stick a frozen pizza in the oven. Have biscuits for dinner. You're an adult, no one can tell you not to.

When I was a kid we'd very occasionally have apple crumble and custard for dinner. Because my mum never understood why you had to have dinner to have pudding.

She was right.

I'm also totally not against just having Pringles for dinner when the mood takes me. As long as it doesn't take me too often anyway 😉

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